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Price Change, Monday April 16th, 2018

This Monday, April 16th, our introductory pricing will come to an end. Our price for the foreseeable future will be $299.97 every month. Your next subscription renewal will automatically adjust to the new price.

You don’t need to do anything. Your membership will renew automatically on or near the same day of the month that you joined the program. For example, if you joined on March 25th, your subscription will renew on or around April 25th at the new monthly rate.

We have posted information on our “How To & Troubleshooting” page if you need to update your credit card info or cancel your subscription.

Please remember that our room will likely be capped at a certain number in the future. Keeping your membership active is the best way to guarantee your spot in the room.

If your subscription is no longer active, you can ignore this email. We hope you’ll come back soon!

Thanks again for participating in “Watch Us Trade” and for supporting Remain Calm LLC.



Frank DeLalla
“Don’t freak out! Remain Calm.”

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