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Welcome to all subscribers!

Bix must REALLY loves you. He bribed V with a truck load of bananas and a few bags of silver to get you an exclusive deal on a Crytpo School Membership.* Join using this limited time offer and get almost HALF off for your membership. 

Three things you need to do: 

  1. Click the button below that says "JOIN CRYPTO SCHOOL" to create an account. You will be asked for your payment information AFTER you create your account. 
  2. Confirm that you are a REAL subscriber. After you create your account and make your payment, email a copy of your USERNAME to so we can confirm that your a real R2R member.

    NOTE: IF YOU FAIL TO SEND US YOUR Road To Routa USERNAME within 3 business days, we will deactivate your Crypto School account. (Please DO NOT use the for any other communications with us. We will not respond. WE DO NOT need passwords. Just USERNAMES to confirm your membership at 
  3. Go to to log in and start viewing our private content. Right before you make your payment you will create a username and password for your account. Use those to sign in at Click on the black tab on the bottom right of the page that says LOG IN / SIGN UP to log in. If it says "Your Account", you're already logged in. You can click on "School" or "Posts" at the top of the page to access our private content.

    If you have any issues, please reach out to us at

PLEASE NOTE: The instruction video above applies to this page, but it does not mention the special pricing you will get as a subscriber.

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* Please note. We can not extend this offer or give refunds to CURRENT members of The Crypto School. This a new, temporary sale for new members who can demonstrate they are also subscribers.