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What is the A.P.E.?

A.P.E. stands for Advanced Portfolio Encryption.

The A.P.E. is the only dedicated cold storage, smart device for managing your crypto-graphic asset portfolio in the most secure platform on the market.

  • It fits in your pocket and plugs into any monitor.
  • It comes with an HDMI and Ethernet cable to avoid the risks of a a WIFI connection.
  • It has four USB ports with a micro USB OTG port that allow you to connect to your own keyboard and mouse and securely track and manage your cryptographic currencies, tokens and asset portfolio.
  • The device includes 8GB DDR3 SDRAM of system memory, upgradeable to 64 GB for optimal performance. 

It’s operating system is encrypted with 512 bit encryption, but your real security comes from the fact that it detaches from any computer system to become an off-line, cold storage device when not in use.


Extremely limited supply!

A Truly SECURE CRYPTO Portfolio Management device



SHIPPING INFO: Each A.P.E. device needs to be programed manually. Allow up to 4 weeks for your order to arrive. Please be patient with us! It will be worth the wait.

WHAT'S IN THE BOX!? Includes The A.P.E., HDMI cable, Ethernet Cable, and power supply. HDMI compatible Display, keyboard, and mouse NOT INCLUDED

RETURNS & REFUNDS: All sales final. Return defective devices within 7 days for replacement or refund.